Derek M. A.k.a. Panagiotis Chachamidis Was Born in 1989, in Hagen,Germany. The passion from music took place in his infancy, when he was a little child, he starts to play with old vinyls of his father and all ready at the age of 14 years he had a collection of electronic music. 
He always had a great passion for music and by going clubbing for the first time in 2002,he discovered his passion was by far greater than he thought. All His life was around of Music,from design,and paint to music,and other kind of expressions. Derek M. is a passionate person, looking for the beauty, of all that little things that make have sense to life. Great moments give meaning to our short life, and thats the search that the "Derek M." starts long time a go,and express in his music,and dj sets. Right now lives and works in Stockholm,Sweden.
There prepares his new new music stuff,which will consist mainly of the "Techno" music.Whilst studying at SAE Institute,will exercise his abilities on the own tracks.His skills will be revealed through the tracks,which will release in various Ep's or different Dj Sets.