SDA002: Cesar Vinzent - Little EP | Incl. George Adi Remix EP

Release Date: 13.02.2017

Release Description:

The second release of SHIFT Digital Audio comes from the Madrilenian talent Cesar Vinzent,including
a remix by the Greek Dj and producer George Adi. Its minimalist aesthetic - penetrating percussion, resonating basslines, and sonorous vocals - consolidates the style and sound of a label that emphasizes raw and rough sounds. This four-track EP is suitable for any dance-floor situation, as each individual cut creates a unique atmospheric tone.
"Rurmi" is an ideal track for those first "after-hour" moments, while "Little" offers a 9-minute interplay
of tenebrous yet exploding elements. Eerie vocals coalesce the minimalist sound with the spirit of house on "Hold Up", which is clearly a tribute to the artist's affinity for the former and a reference to his "Cocoon" influences. A remix of "Little," created by the head of SHIFT Digital Audio, George Adi, also appears on the EP. This comprehensive reconstruction is sure to induce a kind of moody techno trip for listeners.

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