SDA003: Varlamis - Purple Tahoe EP

Release Date: 13.02.2017

Release Description:

The third release of SHIFT Digital Audio comes from Varlamis. Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, and educated in the U.K., he is now based in the United States, where he has built his own analog studio. Gentle chord progressions smoothly build up the atmosphere on 'Purple Tahoe.' Tight breaks from the drum machine add an energetic groove that makes the track work on any kind of dance-floor. 'S.V.' presents a seamless interlacement of harmonic chords and rolling drums, which creates a bold modulation and evokes the feeling of pure analog sound. Rhythmic claps and crisp hi-hats establish a swift pace, while the underlying bassline completes the resonant foundation of the track.
Distorted synths and synthesized organic sounds form the core of 'Morse.' A creeping melody permeates the track, leading both the music and its listener to unknown places. The sweeping arpeggiator adds some flavor and accentuates this exploratory desire. Sharp percussion overlays the melodic bassline in 'STE 013.' The magic of spontaneity is exemplified on this track - simply press 'Record' and let the music flow. The resulting product is an undiluted gem that stems directly from feelings of pure joy and fulfillment. Overarching synths lead the final track, as ambient white noise fills in the gaps. The heavy kick drum and arpeggiating bass provide a resounding and complementary framework for the remaining sonic elements.

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