SDA003 Varlamis – Purple Tahoe EP

Release Description:

Gentle chord progressions smoothly build up the atmosphere on ‘Purple Tahoe.’ Tight breaks from the drum machine add an energetic groove that makes the track work on any kind of dance-floor. ‘S.V.’ presents a seamless interlacement of harmonic chords and rolling drums, which creates a bold modulation and evokes the feeling of pure analog sound. Rhythmic claps and crisp hi-hats establish a swift pace, while the underlying bassline completes the resonant foundation of the track.

Early support by : Chris Liebing (CLR), Joseph Capriati (Drumcode), Slam (Soma / Paragraph), Paco Osuna, Pierre Deutschmann (Platform B / Blufin), Giorgio Rusconi, Marina Karamarko, Antonio De Angelis, Diction [Funk n Deep], Frank Savio and more..

The release date is 13th February exclusively through Beatport.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CILmXwjFRbY&t=7s

Beatport :  https://www.beatport.com/release/purple-tahoe/1946751